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Region 13
the Fastest Growing Region in  Toastmasters International
The Regions of Toastmasters International

There are 14 Regions globally for Toastmasters International and Region 13 includes District 41- Northern India, District 67 - Taiwan, District 76 - Japan, District 82 - Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu in India, District 85 - North & East China, District 89 - South & West China, District 92 - Karnataka and Kerala in India, District 93 - South Korea, District 98 - Central India and Undistricted Clubs in East Asia.  Since 2004 Districts in Region 13 have averaged a phenomenal growth of over 17% every year* making the region the fastest growing region in the world.

Visitors can learn more about the districts in one of the fastest growing regions in Toastmasters around the world by visiting the pages and links included on the pages within this site.

  * Based upon average annual growth for the years 2004 through 2014

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